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March 3, 2021

"ABSOLUTELY STUNNING WORK! Charity did an amazing job restoring our saddle. The saddle was in very rough condition and has been in our family for 6 generations now. The detail and care she put into restoring it blew us away. She took the time to re-stamp the pattern, have broken buckles welded, and revived the leather to an almost new condition. She kept us in the loop on progress and cost during the project. We loved the update pictures she would send! This was a 10/10 experience and we would recommend her to anyone looking to have a saddle restored!

Thank you so much Charity! Our family will treasure this heirloom for many more generations to come!"

Kyle & Emily Nunley

Boise, Idaho

February 16, 2020

"Charity does a beautiful job! She's done two saddles for me. My every day using saddle....she made sure she is sound and ready to ride, cleaned every crevasse and gave her an oiling she drank up and needed. She also restored my grandad's saddle. I bought it from the estate and it had been sitting in a barn for 30 years. It was cracked and in poor shape. She showed it the love it deserved! My grandad would be proud of the work she did and that's saying something.

Big job or little job. She's your girl! Thanks Charity!!"

Deb Oakley Simpson

Cody, Wyoming

August 25, 2019

"WOW! Charity did a great job on 2 saddles. A newer Billy Cook Trail saddle that had been neglected in the barn and an older Bob's Custom. She brought them both back to like new. So pleased with her work. I will happily use her service again."

Sandy Newsome

Cody, Wyoming

July 16, 2019

"When I saw the amazing job that Charity did on my 50 year old saddle it blew me away. I used it hard in all those years but it looks as good now as when it was new. Thanks Charity for bringing it back to life."

Susan Ahalt

Cody, Wyoming

February 3, 2019

"Charity’s work can only be described as magic. She made my well-worn, well-loved saddle look brand new again. Her attention to detail is meticulous and precise. Her photos of before and after her work are amazing, but they just don’t justice to seeing it in real life. I can’t believe what she can do to suede and rough-out, if you send one to her, prepare to be amazed! I can’t recommend the Saddle Salon more. oiled and repaired my cutter- and it looks better than it did new! Excellent attention to detail and a wonderful job done."

Rachel Severinsen

Powell, Wyoming

January 24, 2019

"Charity oiled and repaired my cutter- and it looks better than it did new! Excellent attention to detail and a wonderful job done."

Lindsey Wilson

Cody, Wyoming

October 29, 2018

"I received a gift certificate to have my saddle cleaned by the master! Charity far exceeded my expectations!

Stephanie Williams

Cody, Wyoming

June 23, 2018

"Didn’t realize how dry and dirty my saddle was until I picked it back up. It feels amazing, looks brand new!! So worth every cent! Lined up a second saddle to be done before I even left!!"

Michelle Imburgia

Cody, Wyoming

June 9, 2018

"I was truly amazed when I saw my saddle, the transformation, it looked brand new! The Saddle Salon did such a great job with my show saddle, reasonable prices, friendly, the silver looked great and timely. I 100% recommend taking your saddle to her, you won't regret it!"

Jessica Connour

Powell, Wyoming

May 19, 2018

"Omg! Charity is absolutely amazing!! I'd tossed the idea of a new saddle for years... but, loved my current saddle to death (sentimental love!). I was absolutely amazed at the transformation of my well-loved, elk-stained, pine-sapped, sweet, well-used old saddle! I now have my beloved old NEW saddle!!! Thanks, Saddle Salon, for an awesome job! Professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, amazing person and business! Definitely worth it!!!!!!"

Tiffany Elliott

Cody, Wyoming

May 2, 2018

"My daughter's saddle NEVER looked so good. I almost didn't recognize it when I went to pick it up, we are extremely pleased with Charity's work. We will most definitely be return customers!"

Tammy Scott

Powell, Wyoming

May 1, 2018

"I have taken 2 saddles to The Saddle Salon, she does an AMAZING job! You will not recognize your saddle when you get it back! They look brand new and everything is safe and replaced that had wear and tear. Its like walking out with a brand new saddle! Thank you Charity, I will bring more for you to clean!"

Chris Eberline

Riverton, Wyoming

April 19, 2018

"REPEAT CUSTOMER ALERT! I took MY personal barrel racing saddle in to the Saddle Salon last week. This saddle is only 4 years old and is my BABY! I am very picky in regards to who touches it, rides in it, ESPECIALLY who cleans it! I grew up in show world, so I know how to clean a saddle. The Saddle Salon had tricks up their sleeves I've never seen! This saddle had spent a number of years in the moldy Northwest, then came up to the dry, dusty Big Horn Basin and it SHOWED. Charity treated me and my saddle with respect and compassion. I'll definitely be going back."

Elisha Ramage

Cody, Wyoming

April 6, 2018

"I was so impressed with the work she did on my saddle, I brought her another one."

Jay Hope

Powell, Wyoming

April 3, 2018

"They did a wonderful job at deep cleaning my saddle. I can see the difference in how clean it is and how soft it feels. She also replaced some old worn leather pieces and made some miner repairs. I will be bringing them more saddles in the future."

Austen Samet-Brown

Ralston, Wyoming

February 24, 2018

"I've always been super good about keeping my tack and investments clean and in working order. Well... I didn't make time the last 2 years and my saddle was showing it. So I took it to Charity @TheSaddleSalon in Cody. And Holy Moly did she surprise the heck out of me!! My 10 year old saddle looks brand new again. I highly recommend her if you have anything needing some love. Detailed clean, polished silver, and some stitching redone."

Samantha Jo Gullickson

Powell, Wyoming

Before and After Photo Review

January 11, 2018

"Charity is not only fast, have reasonable pricing, and does awesome work with leather, but she really cares about her customers & their tack. She will always have my business."

Greg Gaspars

Cody, Wyoming

December 7, 2017

"She did a great job on my wife’s saddle. I would highly recommend her business."

Edgar J. Hernandez

Greybull, Wyoming

November 29, 2017

"Charity does AMAZING work. The restoration she did on my dad's saddle, which is very important to me, was incredible. She is the only one I would trust with my equipment!"

Amanda Marsh

Cody, Wyoming

October 22, 2017

"The Saddle Salon is one of the best! I brought in a very dirty roping saddle and she worked with me to make it shine and new. She did a beautiful job. She worked well with my timeline, made sure to recommend what was needed, and always checked with me before she did extra steps. Charity's customer service is excellent and she is very good at her trade. Highly recommended!"


Elisha Ramage

Cody, Wyoming

September 15, 2017

"Dropped my saddle off, quoted me a price, and when I picked it up, I was amazed! It looked like a new saddle! I highly recommend anyone to bring their saddle in here. If you have a good saddle and want to keep it that way, this is the place to bring it!"

Ray Maple

Cody, Wyoming

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