Video: How to Attach a Latigo or Billet

to Your Saddle

The Saddle Salon - October 11, 2019

Ever wonder how to attach a new latigo to your saddle like a pro? What about a billet? At The Saddle Salon, I frequently get asked how to attach a latigo or billet to a saddle.

In this video, learn how to attach a latigo or billet to your western saddle. Included are 3 different methods including a saddlemaker's knot.

Already watched but need a refresher? Here are the times where each method starts.
Method 1at 1:52
Method 2 at 3:39
Method 3 at 6:28

*Remember to check your latigo and billets every time you ride. They are easy to replace and cheaper than a hospital bill.

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