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This is same tool needed for following the methods in the book. This tool is one of the necessary tools mentioned in the book. It can difficult to find if you don't know where to look so we wanted to save you time by making them available in our store.

Cement Spatula a.k.a Spatula-and-Spear Wax Carving Tool

SKU: 364215375135191

This is a cement spatula a.k.a. the spatula-and-spear wax carving tool. On the tool, one end is rounded. The other end is more pointed. It is dull like a fingernail and not sharp like a knife. *Each tool may vary slightly from the photo but each tool does meet the requirements of the author, Charity Haukaas.

* Customer Reviews for the Book *
"Have you ever started cleaning a saddle and know you are over your head in what to do? That is what happened to me. I searched the internet and found Charity's website with before and after photos of saddles and it gave me HOPE! Charity shared her method with me, and I got amazing results that I felt proud to have produced.  The method is not hard, and the steps and photos are clearly laid out to follow, so you can be successful too.  Charity was given this ability to figure out the process required to transform a saddle. I am benefiting from her sharing that knowledge and experience, and you can too! I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in gaining skill and confidence in cleaning a saddle to look as good as new again."

Mona Purcell, WA

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