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For Sale

We don't often have items for sale but

occasionally we do including antiques. 

E.C. Burroughs saddle
E.C. Burroughs "The Saddle" of Basin, Wyoming

Own a piece of Wyoming history! This saddle is for sale! It was made by E.C. Burroughs from Basin, Wyoming. Mr. Burroughs first came to the Big Horn Basin in 1914. He had a reputation for building quality saddles. The breast collar was built by Oregon Leather Company. They started in 1908 and continue to be in business to this day.

Saddle and breast collar are "For Sale By Owner." Get this beautiful antique before it's gone!

$1850 obo plus shipping.

E.C. Burroughs saddle close
E.C. Burroughs rear jockey
E.C. Burroughs saddle front
E.C. Burroughs makers mark logo
E.C. Burroughs on horse.jpg

Photo of the saddlemaker, E.C. Burroughs. Photo from the book Saddlemaking in Wyoming: History, Utility, Art by Sharon Kahin

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