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"... clean it then."

My name is Charity (Taylor) Haukaas, and I am the founding member of The Saddle Salon. My love and passion for breathing life back into leather started when I was just a little kid. I used to play in the tack shed, pretending to be riding off into the sunset around our home in Wyoming. One day while riding off into the sunset, I was distracted by how dirty one saddle was so I brought it to my dad's attention. He said "you'd better clean it then" and he carried the saddle into the house for me to clean. He explained why it was important to clean saddles, told stories about his early days riding, and stories of the grandpa I never met. My dad taught me a lot about saddles and that each piece is an individual with stories to tell.

"... a salon of sorts..."

The Saddle Salon is a salon of sorts but for saddles, tack, and other leather gear. Our mission is to restore, preserve, and maintain leather for today and for future generations. Our services are made for new and old gear. They save you money by maintaining, restoring, or repairing your gear so you don't have to buy new. Well-cared-for gear provides you with greater flexibility, better performance, increased safety, and a professional look. Let us breathe life back into leather for you.

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